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Quick Heal Total Security

Quick Heal Total SecurityQuick Heal Total Security is an application or anti-virus software that serves to banish and eradicate the many malware that could potentially damage your computer or your PC. While you are still using the computer and surfing in the virtual world, not just the benefits that you can get, but also the potential damage that can befall your computer. This damage can include damage due to errors the use of computer, but could also be because of malware attacks mounted by many parties who are not responsible. Based by this, many developers then start to make and develop antivirus program. One of them is Quick Heal Total Security.

Usability Quick Heal Total Security:
This antivirus Program is created and developed by a company leading developers of Indian origin named Quick Heal Technologies, Ltd. With the main function like most other antivirus programs, Quick Heal Total Security has the main task to banish a wide variety of malware that might land and destroy your PC.

Quick Heal Total Security it has various security features that you can trust to oversee your activities in front of the computer. One of its main features is a ransomware protection. With this feature, Quick Heal Total Security will help you detect and block threats threat-smelling ransomware. As additional protection, this feature will also perform data back up your data in a secure location to help you restore the data, if at any time you are exposed to the attack of ransomware.Quick Heal Total Security pc

Then, this program also features the securities of such online web security which will help you identify sites that are harmful and prevent you to visit it. There is also a feature of email security that enables this application to perform filtering and block against email email the possibility of bringing the attachment or link the link a dangerous kind of phishing or containing malware specific. The latter is a feature of safe banking. This feature is used to protect you during the online banking of possible sites site scams or suspicious programs that can steal personal data and your financial to be abused.

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This Program also features the browser sandbox. This feature allows you to explore the internet in a browser that has been ‘wrapped’. So while browsing in this browser, you will be protected the total of all sorts of suspicious programs that may be downloaded while browsing.

Last, this program would also feature some sort of parental control that can help you to limit the impressions and access the site, so that your child can explore with more safe and comfortable without fear of interference from the site are not responsible.

Latest Version           : 18.0

File Size                     : (284Mb)

License Model           : Trial

Publisher Website     :

Requirements            : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows XP – (32/64 bit)


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