Download Avg Free Antivirus For Windows 10

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Download Avg Free Antivirus For Windows 10
Download Avg Free Antivirus For Windows 10. As the name suggests, the main features of AVG Antivirus are preventing viruses from entering your computer, cleaning virus-infected files, and deleting or quarantining files that are indicated as viruses.

Viruses are actually a variant of malware, malware refers to malicious software with various threats such as destroying data and/or stealing data (viruses, trojans, or worms), to spying on user activity (spyware), and locking data (ransomware). Malware variants that open up great opportunities for new threats in the cyber world. Here are some of the main functions of AVG Antivirus:

  1. LinkScanner
    Is one of the features that AVG Antivirus has for scanning the links of a website to prevent users from accessing malicious websites, LinkScanner is integrated into other software such as web browsers so as to minimize and even eliminate the risk of user “trapping” on a malicious website.
  2. Online Shield
    If you are a user who actively downloads files from the Internet, then one of the AVG Antivirus features called Online Shield will be very useful to prevent malware from entering your computer through downloaded files, Online Shield scans the files to be downloaded. download before the download process begins. In addition, Online Shield is useful for blocking malicious files in email attachments. Online Shield is integrated with any downloader software installed on the computer or with the download feature found in a web browser. So that the risk of entry of threats through downloaded files can be minimized.
  3. Online and “Offline” Updates
    For computers connected to the Internet network, AVG Antivirus is equipped with an “automatic update” feature so that every time an update is available, AVG Antivirus will automatically update the “virus definition”, meaning that the recognition capability of AVG Antivirus against various types of new threats and how to overcome them will be updated.
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Download Avg Free Antivirus For Windows 10
What about computers that are not connected to the Internet network? How to update it is enough to download the files (there are about 6 files) update from the site with another computer connected to the Internet network then enter the downloaded files into a folder on storage media such as USB Flash Drive or USB External HHD.

AVG Antivirus also includes an “Update from directory” feature which allows updates to be carried out by redirecting the folder containing the update files. Download Avg Free Antivirus For Windows 10 via the link below:

Download Avg Free Antivirus For Windows 10

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