Mcafee Stinger For Windows 64 bit

Mcafee Stinger For Windows 64 bitMcafee Stinger For Windows 64 bit. McAfee Stinger is a free and minimalist antivirus application designed to deal with specific threats lodged in your computer, including viruses, trojans, and rootkits.

Unlike other antivirus applications, this application made by McAfee is equipped with simple features and is packed with a user-friendly interface.

If you feel that the PC you are using is inserted with a virus that cannot be detected by antivirus in general, this application can be the right solution because McAfee Stinger is designed to eradicate specific threats hiding in Windows PCs.

McAfee Stinger excellence

  1. Requires no installation (portable). To use this application you don’t need to install like an antivirus in general, just open the downloaded file and this application can be used directly to scan your PC.Even so, this application will automatically create temporary files in DAT format to record runtime data, but these files will be deleted automatically when the application is closed.

    In addition, this application also generates a report in the form of an HTML file every time it performs the scanning process. The good news is, Stinger doesn’t create any new entries in the Windows registry, so it won’t destabilize the operating system.

  2. The interface is simple and easy to use. This application comes with a simple and easy to use interface, unlike other antivirus applications. By selecting the “Scan” button the application will start a scanning job with default settings.Stinger can also check commonly used malware hiding places, one of which is the Windows directory. Users can also scan specific folders or all the data on the hard disk.
  3. Provides detailed scan information. Stinger will display the length of the scan time, the total files scanned, the action taken for each threat, and so on.
    If an infected file is found, this application will automatically delete it. But before doing the deletion, this application will back up the file and move it to the quarantine which can be accessed through the main page.The user can decide what action to take to handle the file, including restoring the file to its original location or deleting it permanently.
  4. Adjust the GTI level. Stinger uses a cloud-based threat intelligence service called Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) to detect new threats. By default the antivirus alert level is set to medium, the user can increase and decrease it as desired.

Finally, ‘Mcafee Stinger For Windows 64 bit‘ if you are looking for a Minimalist application to protect your pc from viruses, trojans, and rootkits. Then McAfee Stinger is one of the apps we recommend. You can get it by clicking Ling below.

Mcafee Stinger For Windows 64 bit

Mcafee Stinger For Windows 64 bit

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